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How to Reduce Inventory 10% in 90 Days

In distribution, managing inventory is a beast. Competition is relentless and supply, wickedly unpredictable. So you stock up. At some point, executives notice the high cost of this and demand an urgent inventory reduction....

Managing Inventory Chaos During Distribution and Wholesale M&A

What the ‘M&A boom’ is doing to distributors’ purchasing teams is more than just an annoyance. It’s a big cash problem. One that’s easily solved with technology.

5 Ways to Reduce Inventory Right Now

Teams that use this strategy and mindset to reduce inventory will free up incredible amounts of capital for their organizations.
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Welcome to our very first episode of The PlanningPosts Podcast! Sponsored by Blue Ridge, hosted by Todd Craig. This podcast is a community of supply chain and inventory optimization experts dedicated to creating demand forecasting gurus!

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