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Supply Chain Planning Solutions User Conference – Special Pricing


Yep, this is a shameless plug. But hear me out…

BLUEPRINT is on-deck for April 26-28 in Atlanta, GA. No literally… Blue Ridge is hosting their reception on-deck… overlooking over SunTrust Park while The Atlanta Braves slug it out.

This is one high-energy educational event you don’t want to miss. Your whole team can benefit from it, so what better reason to grab a sweet deal?!

Right now you can get special pricing. Save $200 if you sign up for BLUEPRINT2020 by January 31, 2020.

You have until show time to sign up. Let’s be honest though; it’s kinda dumb to wait. Unless you just enjoy wasting money.



A jam-packed 3 days of supply chain learning, networking and fun. A lot of fun, actually. This video from last year sums it up. Braves game, cold brews, killer views. Atlanta in April is where you need to be.

Blue Ridge hosts this conference every year to provide training, industry insights, peer networking and fun to its customers and partners. Topics cover all-things-supply chain planning and demand planning, from intro-level strategies for building a results-driven team to advanced training tracks around supply chain analytics and Blue Ridge demand and supply chain planning solutions.

Past attendees and new friends of Blue Ridge are invited to sign up today. And speaking of past attendees, check out what they said about last year’s BLUEPRINT: