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Pricing Strategies for Distributors

Leveraging Your Switzerland Position Distributors sit in a zone we call Switzerland… the middle of the supply chain between the manufacturer and the final customer, which increases the complexity and scope of what they must...

Managing Inventory Chaos During Distribution and Wholesale M&A

What the ‘M&A boom’ is doing to distributors’ purchasing teams is more than just an annoyance. It’s a big cash problem. One that’s easily solved with technology.

Driving Value with AI in Supply Chain Planning

How can the most optimal demand planning and inventory optimization models be combined with AI and machine learning to improve profitably and efficiency?

How to Manage Erratic Demand (Profitably): Profit Stealers Part 1 of 2

While there are many guilty parties in inventory analysis, high demand deviation is the one that's adding more to your expenses than to your profit. So today's topic: how to manage erratic demand profitably. Sales...

5 Ways to Reduce Inventory Right Now

Teams that use this strategy and mindset to reduce inventory will free up incredible amounts of capital for their organizations.

Bad Pricing Optimization Strategies: What’s That Smell?

Cliff Isaacson, Executive VP of Product Strategy at Blue Ridge cloud-native solutions for demand forecasting. Retailers have already been feeling the squeeze to fine-tune their pricing strategies for quite some time now; thanks to Amazon,...

How To Create a Culture for Innovative Forward Buying – Feat. Henry Schein Inc.

In today's podcast: Henry Schein Inc.'s Senior VP of Supply Chain Paul Rose The best opportunity to influence your income statement is to attack the Cost of Goods. Wholesale and retail companies live on thin...

Think Like an Inventory Investor, Not a Buyer

In the old world of replenishment, retail and wholesale inventory teams worked to keep store shelves stocked, holes filled in the warehouse, and hoped they could stay out of trouble and avoid attention. My,...

10 Steps to a World-Class Inventory Planning Team

The demand planning profession has evolved more than any other department in the retail and wholesale world. Inventory teams that used to rely on their green bar report and a solar-powered calculator now have demand...

Long Lead Times Bring the Heat

You always knew you didn’t care for items with long lead times, but you could never fully express why. Let this Lead Time - Service Goal % Heat Graph illustrate your pain: How to read this...

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